6th Annual Conference - Institutionalizing BIM
6th Annual Conference - Institutionalizing BIM

BIM Conference

The previous five BIM conferences have shown numerous examples of beneficial applications of BIM for developing, designing, building, and operating buildings and infrastructure.

Leading companies are now institutionalizing BIM-based practices so that they have a common way of leveraging the increasingly large amounts of data for their own benefit, the benefit of their project teams, their clients, and the whole company. This sharpens the question which BIM-based practices are most important to keep the company’s contributions relevant for its customers in the face of changing technologies, building requirements, management and contract practices, and business models. BIM 6 will present how companies are deepening the use of BIM through design, construction, and facility management and creating standard best practices that are applied on all their projects. BIM 6 will also offer a serious look at emerging technologies like augmented reality, 3D printing, robotics, industrialized construction, IoT, and data analytics.

You will learn how to establish BIM as a new platform for design, construction, and facility operations and maintenance so that your organization will be prepared to adopt the emerging innovative practices that are most relevant for you.


The material presented is relevant for public and private owners and operators, developers, designers, general contractors, and trade contractors of industrial, oil and gas, commercial, infrastructure, institutional, and residential projects. Project leaders and key management personnel will use their gained knowledge from the conference in order to improve their organization’s BIM and Lean Construction strategy.


All delegates completing both the conference and workshop will be given a “Certificate of Attendance” endorsed by Stanford CIFE. Presentations, photos and conference videos will be available to download from the website shortly after the conference ends. Attendees will be emailed once all materials are ready for download.