Hugues Zarka

MEA Regional Digital Manager


From a research degree in Structural modelling and calculation, I started my career managing construction of industrial facilities in France.

After few years, I started to combine design & build production processes with Information systems, to improve construction efficiency and quality, over Europe and Middle-East Market. I created and operated two start-up companies over almost ten years, bringing to the construction industry our knowledge and expertise.

In 2012, we initiated the integration of BIM for the construction of the units 3&4 of Mochovce Nuclear Power plant in Slovak Republic (ENEL Group). After 20 years of coordination and construction follow-up issues, 6 Billion Euros spent for only 22 % progress over two lines, the project landed in 2012 and reached 97% progress in 2016, and still uses the technologies and processes we implemented.

In 2014, after selling my shares, I decided to provide strategy and expertise over the very dynamic and quite more challenging middle-east market. I supplied strategical BIM Implementation support to several organisations including Systra. I finally joined the Systra’s team recently to drive their digital standardisation over Middle East, Asia and Pacific.